Turner returns to Quincy

JARROD TURNER ISN’T just another musician traveling through town and stopping to play a show.

The Missouri native performs Saturday night at Cellar 21 in Quincy. He is touring in support of his new CD, “Uncivil Wars.” Turner played a show at Cellar 21 last year and liked Quincy so much he decided to come back. Turner has had a life-long interest in the Civil War and found Quincy’s Lincoln-Douglas debate site in Washington Park of much interest during his last visit.

Turner, who lives in Centralia, Mo., has partnered with ChildFund International and takes donations for kids at his shows. A child can be sponsored for just $28. He’s also doing a unique sponsorship to support his tour and CD – most of his shows are free – by offering what he calls the “Couch Concert.” For $500, he’ll write a song for the person or company sponsoring him, plus many other perks.

Turner also has a live CD recorded last year in Columbia, Mo., called “Up Close & Personal.” More info is available at his website here. Saturday night’s show at Cellar 21 starts at 9.

METAL SHOW RETURNS: Hard rocking bands Dr. Dick Ramirez, Against All Odds and Awaiting The Gallows have a show Saturday night at The Club Tavern on North 10th Street. There is no cover charge. The last time the bands played at The Club they drew a big crowd and had a blast, and it’s good to see hard rock bands who play original material getting a shot to play in town.

ANOTHER OPEN MIC: There’s another open mic night opportunity for local performers starting in Hannibal. This one is at Finn’s Food & Spirits, 214 N. Main.  It takes place every Thursday night and starts at 6:30. Hannibal has some excellent performers and talented players, but remember, open mic is for everybody to play in front of people and try things like new songs, or play with somebody new.




Hermans are back, and so are open mic nights

THE HERMAN BOYS are back in town, and that’s good news for the Quincy music scene.

Adam and Damian Herman, who are cousins, are playing a show Friday night at One Restaurant in Quincy. Adam plays guitar and sings, while Damian plays percussion and the ukulele. The Hermans will play both originals and covers.

Patrons are asked to bring canned goods and non-perishable items so a donation can be made to local food pantries. The show starts at 7:30 and there is no admission fee.

Adam and Damian grew up in Quincy. Adam lived in Denver and Minnesota before returning home, while Damian also lived in Denver. Both cited family and familiarity as reasons for coming home – “We are just comfortable here,” Adam says.

Adam still plays in his Minnesota band The Slamming Doors, which had a busy 2014 and released a CD called “Road Beneath The Wheel.”

OPEN MIC: The Blind Pig continues to promote local music and artists by bringing back the popular open mic night on Wednesdays, starting Feb. 4. Justin Haubrich of the local band Jared & The Gentlemen is hosting the event and it starts at 8 p.m.

Dave Shaffer formerly organized open mic nights at The Blind Pig before it closed more than a year ago, and he’s moved out of the area. Kudos to Justin for picking up the ball and giving local musicians a chance to play – it’s a great place to gain experience and meet other players.

The Blind Pig has had a series of really good shows lately and it’s always good to see a local venue do well and make local acts and bands feel welcome.

One Restaurant is also bringing back Thursday night open mic nights, hosted by Steve Rees. One hasn’t had open mic since early December due to Christmas and taking the month of January off, but here is to hoping Steve and the performers who frequent the venue are back in force.

JAM FOR TED: Sunday at Turner Hall in Quincy, a jam session takes place in honor of the late Ted Tappe.

Mark Mester of Turner Hall says the stage will be set up and all musicians need to bring is their instrument – the PA and everything else will be provided. Mark is putting on the event with Rollo Carder and Marty Tappe.

Ted passed away last year. He was mainstay doing sound at Blues In The District and he played guitar in many bands, including The Horn Dogs.

Doors open at noon at Turner Hall, 926 Hampshire, and there’s no admission fee. Mark says names of musicians will be thrown into a hat and drawn to form bands. “Then they have to play three songs. Any three songs they come up with,” Mark says.

By the way, the Community Cancer Crush event in honor of Ted takes place April 3 at the Ambiance in Quincy, with more details to follow.



Branching out from Quincy

TWO LOCAL ACTS are getting a shot to play on bigger stages outside of Quincy.

Zeke Cernea is playing an acoustic show at Uncommon Ground in Chicago Feb. 8. Musicians to previously play at Uncommon Ground include David Gray, Howie Day, Gavin Degraw and many more. Cernea plays at 7 p.m. and Nashville’s Melissa Miller performs an hour later.

Hard rocking band Awaiting The Gallows heads to St. Louis to play a show at Fubar on Jan. 31. Tickets are $10 and are available from band members and at the club the day of the show. On March 31 at the same venue, Awaiting The Gallows opens for My Kingdom and Like Statues.

For a band/performer to get a gig in a bigger city is a big deal. Best of luck to Zeke and Awaiting The Gallows, and here’s to hoping they have great shows while representing the Q-Town.

UPCOMING  BENEFITS: Turner Hall in Quincy will again host two huge benefits in March. On March 7, the third annual Six String Heroes party takes place featuring local band Eleven. Six String Heroes is based out of Jefferson Barracks in Quincy and gives free guitar lessons and guitars to veterans. Frank Haxel of Vancil Performing Arts is once again organizing the event with Steve Stoner and Kevin Sullivan of the St. Louis chapter. SSH has a Quincy chapter, with Vancil Performing Arts, the Illinois Veterans Home and Second String Music all participating.

The following weekend, March 13 and 14, Mike Gilbert of the local band Further Ado is once again organizing the Sixth Annual Local Area Musicians Charity Fundraiser. Mike will let us know soon about the bands playing and more details. If you have an item you’d like to donate for the event, contact him by clicking on the link above.

VERTIGO ROCKS: I had a blast catching local band Vertigo last Saturday at The Blind Pig in Quincy. The joint was jumping and Adam Yates, Tim Smith, Dave Garner, Mark Hickerson and Justin Sievert were in fine form. A band feeds off the crowd and you could definitely tell the boys were having a good time, as were the patrons. It’s good to see The Blind Pig back up and running and giving local bands and performers a place to play.

THIS WEEKEND: Saturday night has two local bands worth catching – Memphis Mafia plays at One Restaurant, and the Matt Roberts Blues Band plays at the Club Tavern. As always, support local music and get out to see your favorite performer or band play!




Happy Birthday Elvis

ELVIS PRESLEY WOULD have been 80 today. The more time marches on the more his influence is felt.

My wife loves Elvis. Young Elvis, actually, not Fat Jump Suit Elvis. We have pictures and guitar picks and garbage cans and all kinds of stuff with his likeness.

I would prefer to remember him that way, not as an 80 year old. Click at your own peril. Happy Birthday, Elvis!

WEEKEND SHOWS: Two jump out in the Q-town this weekend. Seven Days Fuller plays both Friday and Saturday at the Blind Pig, and bands rarely play back-to-back shows at the same venue on the same weekend, but this band is more than good enough to do it. Friday’s show is part of the YP event.

Also Saturday night at One Restaurant is the super fun St. Louis party band Super Majik Robots, which put on a heck of a show.

PROMOTE YOUR SHOWS! There are a frustrating number of local venues which simply don’t advertise they are having great bands. Word-of-mouth only goes so far, you know.

If you play in a band or are having an event, you can promote it free of charge on The Local Q. Just click on the Calender link and follow the icon on the right side, then fill out the info.

Let people know you are playing!

MOVIE SCREENING: Chris Kelley of Table 16 Productions has finished his movie, “Full Frame,” and the public debut is Jan. 23 at the Quincy Mall AMC. Tickets will be available only at District Designs in Quincy, 509 Maine, NOT the theater. Proceeds will go to the Quincy Humane Society.

Kelley used a local crew and local actors to make the movie. We saw it at a cast screening last month and it’s quite good, the best one he’s done so far. It was filmed in Quincy with many scenes shot downtown.



Having fun on NYE

THERE ARE A bunch of options Wednesday night to ring in the new year. Be safe, have fun, and get out to see some great local music.

New Year’s Eve has certainly changed over the years. It used to be the biggest party night of the year, but things change. People are more aware of issues like driving under the influence, and the older I get the more I think about just chilling and being alive the next day to veg and watch bowl games.

Some places like to charge $30 or so and include food and champagne, along with the entertainment. If you are planning to see a local band Wednesday night, make sure you call ahead and find out what the price of admission is and what it includes.

One Restaurant has had some great NYE parties the past few years. They are changing it up a bit this year – there is no cover charge to see Quincy band Eleven perform, and reservations are encouraged if you plan to eat before seeing the show.

Many of the clubs like the Elks Lodge have events for members. The Quincy band Seven Days Fuller is playing in Carthage at Lake Hill Winery. Hard rock fans might head to Marcelline’s Down On The Corner for Best Kept Secret and West of Greenwich.

I’m playing for the dinner crowd at BoodaLu Steakhouse in Quincy from 7:30 to 10:30, and if there’s any gas left in the tank, we may head to a friend’s house to ring in the new year.

Again, be safe out there. It’s always fun to get a group together and party away the last few hours of 2014 – find a designated driver and enjoy the bubbly in moderation.

And … Happy New Year! Let’s make 2015 a good one.


Older, wiser and still rocking

IN THE MUSIC world, older is better. Take these three stories, for instance ….

U2 TOUR: The veritable Irish band announced North American dates and plans to hit the road in 2015 for the Innocence & Experience tour. This is the wake of the release of U2’s 13th studio album, Songs of Innocence. It was gifted by Apple to more than half a billion iTunes Music Store customers, and it’s been streamed 81 million times and downloaded by 30 million fans. Not everybody was happy with getting the free music, but in typical U2 fashion, the band shrugged it off and apologized … sort of.

Two of the recently added shows are in Chicago at the United Center at the end of June. Tickets for the public go on sale Monday and they’ll be gone in a matter of minutes. Chicago, of course, is where the band filmed the 2005 Vertigo shows. And it seems the band is getting smarter about touring – they have booked fewer venues and are playing more shows in one city – U2 will play four shows in all in Chicago and in several other big markets.

Bono also recently fell off his bicycle riding in Central Park, fueling speculation he might not be ready to tour next year, but the band assures fans he’ll be ready.

THE WHO: Yup. The Who. They have embarked on “The Who Hits 50” tour in England and bring it stateside in April. In May the band plays shows in Kansas City, Chicago and St. Louis, so you’ll get a chance to see them if you so choose.

Reviews are mixed right now, but I’d go see them. Roger Daltrey is 70 years old and still swinging his microphone like a madman, and Pete Townshend is almost 70 and still windmilling. Unlike original band members Keith Moon and John Entwistle, Daltrey and Townshend haven’t died – and growing old is subjective.

GARTH ROCKS ST. LOUIS: Speaking of playing four nights in one city, country superstar Garth Brooks played four shows last week at the Scott Trade Center in St. Louis. A lot of Quincy and area residents went and came back raving about the shows, claiming Brooks still has the energy of a teenager and puts on more of a rock concert than anything else.

Brooks played a staggering seven nights in Minneapolis last month. How many acts can do something like that in today’s iTunes and Youtube world? Very few.


Christmas music of all kinds

WHO DOESN’T LOVE Christmas music? It’s the soundtrack to the season and there is all kinds of great stuff out there.

I’m all about the rock and roll Christmas stuff. Since I teach guitar lessons and I’m always looking for new songs to play for students, I’ve been trolling around and I’ve come across some gems.

But, I think I finally found the ultimate Christmas CD. You can have your O Holy Nights and choirs singing of angels on a starry Christmas night. Your grandma might even get run over by a reindeer, and I’m sure War Is finally Over somewhere, John.

I’ll take these guys every Christmas. Yup. That’s right. Twisted Sister. No intricate harmonies or arrangements here, just in your face and classic yuletide rock and roll.

I’ll take Dee Snider and the boys to go caroling, and we’ll raise a racket in the neighborhood this Christmas. Enjoy! 


Pre-Thanksgiving parties

THE NIGHT BEFORE Thanksgiving traditionally is one of the bigger party events of the year. A lot of the college kids come home for the break and it’s a great way to get the season started off with a bang.

The area again has some really good shows Wednesday night to get you ready for the Christmas season. Most of these shows don’t have cover charges, though it’s a good idea to check with the venue to make sure of the times and other info.

At One Restaurant, Fielder hosts a show with the Shindig and Blake Gardner & The Farmers. Fielder doesn’t play out that much and the last time Gardner and crew were in town, they had a good crowd and a lot of fun.

At Cellar 21 in downtown Quincy, the uber-talented Liz Bentley performs. Cellar 21 is an intimate venue and really good place to actually listen to music.

Over at the new-look Blind Pig at 12th and Lind, Tim Smith and I will be playing from 8 p.m. to 11. The Blind Pig is again a smaller venue but has a great stage and a great party vibe. Tim knows the first verse to every country song every recorded, rumor has it. He plays in the bands Pepper Spray and Vertigo and is a real entertainer, so we’ll have some fun and rock your socks off.

There are some Quincy folks heading north Wednesday night to Mount Sterling to check out The Wedgewood Brothers at the Ridgeview Winery.

There are more shows planned on the weekend, including Eleven at the Lake Hill Winery in Carthage. Check out the Local Q calendar for more info. Be safe, and get out and support live and local music!


A Band Aid for not knowing the players


THERE’S A NEW Band Aid single and video out to help raise money for to fight Ebola. Click here for the details.

Band Aid did indeed have an impact in 1984. It helped raise awareness and fight hunger in Africa. It spawned mega concerts and copycat benefit projects sprung up everywhere.

How the world has changed in 30 years, especially the music world. The new song was recorded, mastered and the video put out in just a few days, unlike the original. Remember how we had to wait for the video to play on MTV? Now it’s a click away on YouTube.

I recognized almost nobody. Who are these people? Are they famous? Do I live under a rock? Wait a second … thank goodness there is Bono. Is that the guy from Coldplay? Ah, Ed Sheeran, who everybody loves right now.

I guess some things never change. Thirty years ago, the eternal questions were, “What the heck is Bananarama doing in this video, and why didn’t Sting slug Boy George for being drunk?”

Oh no … is that One Direction in the new video? We as a society are doomed if we are listening to this crap. Then again, that’s what my parents said about The Who. And I turned out just fine. Right.

Then there’s Bob Geldoff. Do you even remember the Boomtown Rats? I didn’t think so. I still don’t like Mondays, but it’s a great song.

I’m all about music helping people. You can’t improve on the original, but if “Do They Know It’s Christmas” helps, it’s all good. I’ll just keep the 1984 version on my playlist, thank you very much.



Garth in the Lou and other shows

THERE ARE A couple of great shows coming up at the Scott Trade Center in St. Louis next month. The ones generating the most excitement are by Garth Brooks, as he is playing in the arena Dec. 4-7.

There aren’t many artists who can sell out shows in minutes, or even play four straight nights in one massive venue, but this guy sure can. I know several Quincy and area residents going, and I’m intrigued to hear how he sounds and what sort of crazy stuff he does.

The other night in Minneapolis, he turned one of his signature tunes into something very special.

Within days of the Brooks’ concerts are shows by The Black Keys and the indefatigable Bob Seger. The last one is also intriguing … Seger is almost 70 years old, but he just released his first CD in eight years and he’s out on the road again. Are you going?

For you St. Louis concert-goers, The Pageant also has some great shows coming up, and don’t forget about places like The Old Rock House and others.