Artist Name: Bob McGill
Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.
Years presenting at Arts Faire: First year.

WHEN AND HOW DID YOU START CREATING ARTWORK? I started as a kid, painting and drawing constantly. Then in high school, I was discouraged by an art teacher. I didn’t start again until about 1995. I took some lessons from a GREAT artist named Walter Bunn Gray, and he helped me develop my style, although he did think I was a lost cause for a while.

DESCRIBE YOUR ARTWORK: Very colorful, very happy, whimsical pieces. My pieces definitely do not go with everyone’s furniture.

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR ART? Things that make me smile.


WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO ACCOMPLISH BY PARTICIPATING IN THE ARTS FAIRE? Nothing makes me happier than to see someone smile with joy when they come into my booth. When that happens, I know I am successful as an artist. I want to share my art with as many people as I possibly can.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? I retired from my day job just over three years ago. I plan on spending the next 45 years or so painting things that are happy and fun. What a great way to be remembered, as someone who was able to make people smile without saying a word. I hope that in a hundred years, my paintings are still making people smile.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE ARTS FAIRE AND QUINCY? That I will get to experience it this year for the first time … and that I will have my wife of over 40 years with me … and we will also be bringing our granddaughter if she doesn’t back out on us.

ANY FINAL THOUGHTS? People are amazed when they realize that all of my pieces are created with RAZOR BLADES. That’s right, I paint with razor blades, using the bristle end of the brush only for the highlights in the eyes. I like to demonstrate how I create my pieces when I do art shows. So if there is space at MAF, I will be sitting there painting.