This past Saturday, I had the fortunate experience of attending a private hot tub party. Even though I like the idea of taking a dip in a steamy hot tub outside when it’s about 10 degrees, this party was indoors. It wasn’t at someone’s house or in a hotel though. It was actually on the show room floor of Why Not Bedrooms, Sunrooms, Pools, and Spas. How did I get this invitation? Well, I don’t want to sound like a tool or anything, but I guess it’s all about who you know, and I know a nice guy that goes by the name Rocky who just happens to be the son of Why Not’s owner, Jeff Morris.

Why Not is located downtown at 615 Maine, just west of The Phoenix night club. They sell a variety of furniture and comfort products. As Jeff says on his website, “The name says it all.”  The show room floor was full of a variety of nice beds with different style mattresses, patio furniture, gaming tables, and spas, including a really nice demonstration spa and sun room on the side of his store facing Maine Street.

Rocky and Jeff were hosting this party for some friends after business hours.


I got the invite via facebook. Rocky and I have known each other through mutual friends for quite a while. We also played in the Quincy Ultimate Frisbee tournament together last summer. I couldn’t turn his invitation down. I don’t own a hot tub, nor do I know anyone that has one, so the opportunity to kick back and relax, while sitting between six hot water jets comes few and far between. Honestly, I thought it was a rather gutsy party to throw. Everyone who has ever rented or owned a place knows how out of hand people can get when they are drinking.

Turns out Jeff planned to be there the whole time. He was really cool about letting us use one of the hot tubs. He showed us around. I talked to him for a little while about the business. He opened it when he was 20. I didn’t know they also provided delivery and installation for pools and spas, and Jeff told me he has installed pools all around the Midwest. He told me most of this over a game of shuffle board. He is way better than me. What can I say? The man probably has access to a handful of tables, so I bet he plays all the time.


About halfway through the night, the QPD showed up, and I don’t blame them. The situation had to look suspicious. A bunch of kids walking in out of Jeff’s shop and smoking outside the doors at midnight. They didn’t crash the party or anything like that. They just checked a couple IDs and made sure we weren’t getting too rowdy. It was kind of funny. They seemed to be a little confused at first, but they were cool about everything after a little explanation. When they left, we all went back to soaking.

I want to assure everyone that Jeff maintains and cleans all his demo hot tubs regularly, and they were cleaned after we used them. Jeff is a really nice guy, and, from what I can tell, he runs a good business. If you are thinking about decking out your house like one those mansions on MTV cribs, I recommend giving him a call. Hey, he made me feel like a VIP for a night.

Eric Greenwell