Simon Cowell has left American Idol behind and has moved on to torturing television audiences with an entirely new competition show. The X-Factor is set to makes its debut this fall on Fox. The show will give yet another platform to aspiring singers with zero talent but who are positive they are the best since Aretha Franklin and will never take no for an answer.


Cowell will once again act as a judge for the new show. Sitting on the panel with him will be legendary music producer LA Reid and everyone’s favorite psychotic ex pop singer, Paula Abdul.  Ryan Seacrest will not be involved with the show, because he is too busying hosting every other show on TV.

Like American Idol, The X-Factor has taken to some of the country’s largest cities to audition “talent.” When the judges rolled into Dallas this summer, they got a lot more than what they expected. US Weekly magazine is reporting the judges were haunted by ghosts in the lone star state.

The judges were booked to stay at the luxurious Stoneleigh Hotel and Spa in Dallas. What was thought to be comfortable refuge from the craziness surrounding the show turned out to be a haven for paranormal activity.

LA Reid was first to arrive at the Stoneleigh Hotel. According to US Weekly, the music mogul was long gone before Cowell or Abdul could even arrive. The magazine said Reid got an odd feeling from his lodging. The crew believed he was just being a primadonna until they were informed of the hotel’s story.

Paula Abdul didn’t last much longer. The US Weekly story continued by saying Abdul experienced strange happenings around her room after a harsh thunderstorm. She reported that the faucets in the bathroom were turning on and off on their own.

Finally, even Cowell himself experienced paranormal occurrences at the Texas hotel. Oddly enough, he seemed more receptive to the presence of the ghosts than that of the many people who auditioned. US Weekly mentions that the experience has now made Cowell somewhat obsessed with spirits. One interview the magazine conducted said that Cowell liked the haunting so much that it wouldn’t be a surprise if the judge started requesting haunted hotels.

So what exactly happened at the Dallas hotel that night? Were spirits trying to make contact with living humans? Was it merely a coincidence that the humans happened to be world famous judges on an upcoming TV show? Was it all just a publicity stunt to gain attention for Simon Cowell’s new venture? And did Seacrest have anything to do with it?

All of these are valid questions, but I have my own assumption. In my opinion, the ghosts at the Stoneleigh Hotel that night were not your average ghosts. These spirits knew exactly who they were haunting and were trying to audition for The X-Factor.

Though there are various restrictions for who can audition for the show, there is nothing that says you have to be a living human being. If only Cowell and company had paid closer attention, they might have had their breath taken away not by fright but by amazement.

Sadly, none of the ghosts from the hotel were invited to participate in the new show. Now the spirits will have to wait until next season for a shot at fame from beyond the grave.

Jordan O’Donnell