Over the course of the lifetime of the blog “The Other Side” the world of the paranormal has been the focus. A lot of the concentration has been placed on topics involving things like the undead, UFOs and other frightening monsters. While this has been great fun and there is no lack of material in this department, the time has come for “The Other Side” to expand.

As this blog moves forward, it will begin including a larger variety of stories. No longer will the limits be that of the paranormal. There still will be plenty of aliens and zombies, but now “The Other Side” will also aim to include all bizarre and strange stories that may come across the radar.

Even if there is doubt in the existence of paranormal occurrences, one cannot deny we humans live in a pretty strange world. “The Other Side” will now be highlighting more of these stories in the coming installments. Stories involving the questioning of North Dakota’s statehood, a semi truck crash that spills millions of bees out onto a highway, or Georgia police shutting down a lemonade stand run by a group of little girls will no longer be brushed aside by this blog.

I will strive to maintain the level of journalistic integrity the readers have come to expect from “The Other Side.” In case you missed the blogs about Robert the Haunted Doll or the Lizard People, there really wasn’t much integrity to lose in the first place. Nevertheless, “The Other Side” will still have more integrity than Rupert Murdoch and his now defunct News of the World tabloid. After all, I am not planning on wire tapping the phone of the man who attempts to break the record for most raw hot dogs eaten in a parking lot. In addition, I have never heard any stories of a ghost or bigfoot having phones, so there is not even an option of hacking there.

As we near the end of summer the time seems right for “The Other Side” to take its next step in evolution. By including stories of the strange and bizarre in addition to the familiar paranormal topics, this blog will have more room to deliver exciting content. At times, it will be interesting, but rest assured “The Other Side” will always be on the edge of insanity.

Jordan O’Donnell