In recent years, the sports world has seen the rise of the UFC as the primer fighting event.  As boxing became bland and the audience dissipated, the UFC stepped in with an amped up take on hand-to-hand combat.  The sport involves various types of fighting like martial arts, wrestling and boxing.


For those who had become bored with boxing, the UFC brought a more extreme take to satisfy an appetite for a new generation.  Also, sports that are a part of the X-Games have also grown in popularity.  BMX bikers and Skateboarders are now considered legitimate athletes.  The rise of the X-Games and the UFC could be a sign that sporting audiences are seeking a more electrified take on sports.

If this is the case, then there is a sport slowly gathering attention around the Internet that could be the next be thing.  Of course, this all depends on the fact that this sport is real and not a hoax.  The name of this new extreme sporting competition is Ultimate Tazer Ball.

The game is a very simple one.  The matches take place on an indoor soccer field pitting two teams of four players against one another.  The game ball is a comically large soccer ball that rivals the size of the common beach ball.  As the players try to score goals using their hands and their feet, they must avoid being shocked by a Tazer gun.  Each of the players on the field are armed with one as a unique tool to play defense.

Ultimate Tazer Ball has an official website that features a video depicting a practice match.  There are plenty of close up shots of the Tazer guns and the electric blue current that surges at their tip.  The website also advertises the league currently has four squads.  One of the teams is located in Toronto, Canada, were oddly enough Tazers cannot be acquired by civilians because they are considered dangerous weapons.

In an interview with CBC News Toronto, league creator Eric Prum is standing beside the idea this is no joke and Ultimate Tazer Ball is aiming to be the next big thing.  According to the article, Prum claims the league will be launched with the help of the partnership with German businessman Erik Wunsch.

There has yet to be an official event, but the Ultimate Tazer Ball website claims the first is scheduled for early March.  The location of this inaugural competition is no other than the setting of the film “The Hangover 2,” Bangkok, Thailand.  If this event proves to be true and does actually occur, Ultimate Tazer Ball would fit in nicely with the rest of the craziness that apparently occurs in that place.  Now, it is just time to wait and see if the UTB actually steps out and shows itself to the world.  Till then I still have my suspicions.

For more information on Ultimate Tazer Ball, check out the website .  After taking a look, you decide if this crazy venture could be a potential legit sport or is it simply an elaborate Internet hoax.

Jordan O’Donnell