Wednesday night boasts a couple options for live music. If you reside in Quincy, this may seem like a bit of a jaunt, but consider it a Christmas present to yourself of live music or one to the band as supporting them.

You could even tell a friend it's their Christmas present. It gets you someone to go with and gets rid of that dreaded holiday retail field trip. Besides, who wants another stupid sweater anyway?

SHOW ONE: Quincy/Hannibal metal act The Dread Corsair, represented by ZC Battle Productions, is playing with signed bands Salt the Wound (Rotten Records) and The Demonstration (Mediaskare Records) with Defile The Coprophagist of Decatur and Rhynoceraptor of Champaign at the respectable alternative venue Black Sheep in Springfield.

If you want a REAL metal show, then hit this one up. I have nothing against screamo or hardcore, because they are great and we get a decent amount of it around here, but they are not actual metal music. This area doesn't have a lot of it, so here's your opportunity to catch some. Now to be honest, I have not seen any of these particular bands live, but I know metal from my days covering it in Chicago, and the breakdowns and standard metal riffs are there, so it would be worth going.

The Dread Corsair, Salt the Wound, The Demonstration,
Defile The Coprophagist and Rhynoceraptor (metal)
WHEN: 7 p.m. Wednesday
WHERE: Black Sheep Cafe, 1320 S. 11th, Springfield, Ill.

SHOW TWO: Nationally touring Christian acts Seventh Day Slumber and We As Human are playing at the Dallas City High School Wednesday. I have no idea how they ended up coming to Dallas City, but take this opportunity to check them out. They are very respected in the Christian genre and should make for a great show!

Seventh Day Slumber with We As Human (Rock/Christian)
WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday
WHERE: Dallas City High School gym, 190 E. 3rd St., Dallas City


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