Kanye West, left, takes the mic from Taylor Swift at MTV VMAs.

Kanye West, left, takes the mic from Taylor Swift at MTV VMAs.

Many were quick to turn to the Web last night after Taylor Swift’s win on the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Female Video.

Right after Swift came on stage to accept the award, Kanye West joined her, took the mic and proceeded to announce his thoughts on who should have won. He very arrogantly said that Beyonce had one of the best videos this year and when he finally gave the microphone back to Swift, the crowd was booing so bad that she was ushered off stage sans thank you speech.

Swift was said to have been crying in her mother’s arms minutes before her VMA debut performance.

If West had some patience and less arrogance, he would have waited until later in the show when Beyonce won for Video of the Year to show is appreciation of her work. (READ MORE HERE)

After Beyonce’s win, she talked about how excited she was when she won her first VMA years ago with Destiny’s Child and asked Swift to come back on stage and give her thank yous. Swift did, with no mention of West, and in the end, most think Beyonce and Swift both handled the situation with class and West only wanted publicity.

According to mtv.com, Katy Perry tweeted, “It’s like you stepped on a kitten,” about what West did to Swift. Read what other celebrities tweeted here.