Now that we have this huge list of bands on The Local Q, it might seem a bit overwhelming, so the plan is to spotlight different bands with an interview from time to time.

The first spotlight is with Josh Brueck of the fairly new Quincy band The Balance. His answers are below.

Mark Kroner, vocals and percussion
Dan Phillips, electric and acoustic guitar
Steve Buckman, keyboards and vocals
Nick Steinkamp, drums and electronic drums
Josh Brueck, bass and vocals

HOMETOWN: Quincy, Ill.

“Mark Kroner, the band’s lead-singer, and I played together 22 years ago in a band called Little Ronnie and the Impersonations. Mark is one of those rare singers that has a voice that can do just about anything. We got together a few years back and talked about how much fun we had playing together and that we should do it again. We both grew up loving 80s music and thought that would be a good niche to fill in this area. After months of trying out various members, we hooked up with Steve Buckman, a monster keyboard player, and an essential requirement for the group to succeed. You can’t really play 80s music without keyboards. I then talked to Nick Steinkamp, who I have had the pleasure of playing with over the years. He’s one solid and tasty drummer. Once we got Nick on board, he brought in Dan Phillips on guitar. Dan brings a level of professionalism to the band that makes us all want to do better. We all click well together and enjoy what we are doing.”

“We play 70s and 80s rock, and our influences are all over the board, from rock to jazz to country. But we all agree that we enjoy playing music that pushes us both technically and stylistically, and we all love what we like to call arena rock!”

“One goals of the band is to try and have new material every time you hear us.”

“We strive to make every show fun and entertaining, and we practice very hard to make every song the best it can be. We want people leaving the show saying, ‘That is one of the best cover bands I have heard.’ With the level of talent with the bands in this area, that’s hard to do.”

“This is the band’s first year out, and so far, it has been great. We have found that we have had wonderful response wherever we go and I believe it is mainly because of the music we play. Our hope for next year is to continue to do more of the same.”

The group’s next shows are Friday at Captain Kirk’s Marina in Fort Madison, Iowa, and Saturday at Adam’s Trading Post in Liberty.. For more show listings, click here.

For more information on the band, go to

Jessica M. Martin-Cate