This Is Energy

SafetySuit, This Is Energy and Cheeks McGee will perform at a back-to-school concert at 8 p.m. tonight in the Quincy University stadium.

St. Louis band This Is Energy recently answered questions about the group:

Adam Gardner, lead vocals and guitar
Britton Campbell, drums
Charlie Springhart, bass
Dave Beezy, guitar

“Britton, Chaz and I were together in a group in St. Louis before we formed This Is Energy,” Gardner said. “We had a lot of success as an indie/alternative group, and got some national exposure. We were on Warped Tour in both 2004 and 2005, which took us across the country and back. We even sold about 13,000 discs independently as a band, before MySpace and iTunes moved us forward. We reached a wall, though, and decided to break up.”

“Adam continued writing music for the next two years,” Britton recalled. “I’d go over to his studio, and his music always seemed to be so progressive.  I knew I wasn’t where I was supposed to be anymore musically, because the only time I’ve ever felt right is when I’m sharing the stage with my best friends, connecting with the audience who enjoys our music.  For the first time in our lives, we knew we could accomplish this, and so much more musically.”

“Adam and I became friends soon after I moved here from France,” Beezy, said. “I met him at a tattoo shop in St. Louis, where one of my favorite artists was giving Adam some new art.  We just started talking about music and art and food and girls, and then he invited me out to his car to listen to some of the music he’d recorded.  I thought I really wanted him to ask me to join whatever band he was in, and soon enough he invited me over to his studio, where we wrote a song together.  I’d worked with a lot of bands in my home country, and toured Europe extensively, but he and I just clicked on a purely musical level.  He later introduced me to the other band members, we jammed, and then eventually he asked me to join This Is Energy.”

“One of my biggest influences in Sting, who just inspired me,” Gardner said.  “We also play power pop, which is a melodic blend that fuses modern lyrics and styling that calls up such other bands as Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional.”

“I think you’ll hear and see This Is Energy at our absolute best,” Beezy said. “Fans tell us that being in the same room with the band playing and singing is a magical experience, and we feel that magic coming from them as much as we try to put it out there.”

“I think of one of our shows as being like a musical jigsaw puzzle,” Gardner said. “The pieces almost feel as if they’re floating in midair before falling into place, as we play on and on and on.”

“It’s as if we’ve plugged ourselves into an electrical socket, and never want to let go because the vibe is so magnetic and strong,” Gardner said.

“The best part,” Beezy said. “Is that nobody ever wants the show to end, least of all us.”

Jessica Martin