Now that we have our new entertainment site, The Local Q, there are so many live music shows listed that it can be difficult to choose. I would like to give you a guide to the weekend on what I would do if time was not an issue and my only plans were to consume as much music as possible.

Blues in the District featuring Mississippi Heat
• Plan ahead Friday morning and pack a cooler and a lawn chair, then skip lunch if possible, so you can leave work a little early.
• Once you have broken free from the daily grind, get in your car or walk, while pulling said cooler if you are lucky enough to work downtown, at 5 p.m. to Washington Park for Blues in the District featuring Mississippi Heat.

Safety Suit, This Is Energy and Cheeks McGee at Quincy University
• After Blues in the District, continue the good outdoors times by heading over to QU and watching Cheeks McGee perform outside the stadium for an hour or so.
Not So Fine Arts Society birthday bash featuring Kentucky Knife Fight, Texas Funerals, The Timmy’s and Micah Schnabel at the State Room
• Here’s where it gets tricky, leave mid-show, so you won’t miss the kick off for the Not So Fine Arts Society birthday bash weekend at the State Room with Kentucky Knife Fight, The Timmy’s, The Texas Funerals and Micah Schnabel. If you are super awesome, do this entire night via bicycle and don’t worry if you don’t catch all of the show, there are more NSFAS events throughout the weekend.

Luau at the Blind Pig featuring Logan Kammerrer and Antidote
• This starts at 1 p.m. and there will be an actual pig roasting. Logan will start at 3 p.m. and play until 6 p.m., if you want to catch the beginning of Antidote at 7 p.m., there will be time, but do not forget your grass skirt and coconut bra, boys and girls.

Torque’s final show at Adam’s Trading Post in Liberty, Ill.
• After six years of performing in the area, popular rock band Torque is calling it quits, but don’t worry. You can catch the last show Saturday. It is a bit of a trek, but totally worry it to hear a professional sound system and some of your favorite new and classic rock tunes.

Notorious Nightcrawlers at The Flying Inn in Quincy
• I have seen these guys, and they are killer. All blues and classic rock tunes by very talented veteran musicians, plus the harmonica dude has a harmonica-filled fanny pack, so GREAT! This will be kind of on your way back into town from the Torque show too! Click here for my review.

TNT at Ike’s Tavern in Dallas City, Ill.

• Day three of the live music extravaganza doesn’t stop with TNT, a classic rock band that covers everything from Guns N’ Roses to Beastie Boys amazingly. Click here for my review.

For a full list of all the live music available in the area, click here. Have a great weekend and support local music!

Jessica M. Martin-Cate