Cheeks McGee

A lot was going on last weekend with live music, so I thought if you didn’t make it out to all of the shows, it would be interesting to see what the artists thought of the events.

I witnessed a ton of motorcycles joining the party at Parrothead Bike Nite on Maine and saw the line outside the State Room for the Not So Fine Arts Society kickoff show Friday. Below are some thoughts from musicians in the trenches:

Quincy University Back-To-School Show with SafetySuit, This Is Energy and Cheeks McGee Friday
“The show was great! I really enjoyed Safetysuit. They are super nice guys and I can say I’m a fan of their music now. This Is Energy put on a pretty solid performance as well and again they were great guys too. I did feel though that there should have been more people there,” Cheeks McGee said. “There was a decent size crowd but with Safetysuit’s music video on VH1 and a major label I thought there would have been quite a few more people. QU staff that put it on were great to work with as well and very organized and did a great job keeping everything on time. Especially with sound check.”

Double Vision

Kentucky Knife Fight show Friday at the State Room
“The show was great. It was a very enthusiastic crowd. The out-of-town bands were impressed by the crowd and the beauty of the State Room,” Jason Holler of Kentucky Knife Fight said. To read the story, click here.

Not So Fine Arts Society Birthday Bash weekend
“It was really gratifying to bring such an action-packed weekend to our members and the public at large,” J.J. Magliocco, co-founder of the Not So Fine Arts Society, said. “When it comes down to it, we would be nothing without our supporters, and this was just one way for us to show how much we appreciate their loyalty and patience over the last year. We certainly hope to continue to bring more guerrilla arts fun to all of Quincy!”

DOUBLE VISION CD release Aug. 24
“Going well so far!  Been moving a lot of physical CDs of the album at shows. We’re working on a show in Macomb, Ill., and St. Louis in September. We are still trying to find a good venue for Quincy,” Jonathan Lindsay of Double Vision said. To read the story, click here.

TORQUE’s final show Saturday
“It couldn’t have gone better,” Jay Briscoe, Torque’s lead-singer, said. “560 people was the approximate count from Adam’s Trading Post for putting wrist bands on attendees.”

Jessica M. Martin-Cate