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Quincy needs to organize some flash mobs


My current obsession is something called a flash mob. A flash mob is defined by Google as “a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, and then quickly disperse.”

The term flash mob is generally applied only to gatherings organized via telecommunications, social media or viral emails. I have dedicated my daily Youtube allowance (I had to set a limit on my Youtube time or things just would not get done) to watching successful flash mobs all over the place.

Below are a few funny and creative ones:

Frozen Grand Central flash mob

Flash mob prank

Flash mob welcomes home a total stranger at airport

I hope you enjoyed these videos. I love the potential for how much harmless fun this could be, and as you see with the last video, you can even make someone’s day. For these reasons I think it is time to bring some flash mobs to Quincy, but I am going to need some help.

If anyone would be interested in getting involved in a flash mob contact me on my email at for more details. Otherwise just visit back here to see how ours turned out.

Jacob McGuire

ironing board

Drop the pants and go to improv class

The other day as I was ironing my slacks, I realized a horrifying truth: I was ironing “slacks.”

Technically they were Dockers Worry Free Pants and they were stain resistant, perfect for some kind of meatball sandwich catastrophe. The sad part was that it was 10 p.m. on a Thursday. I was not even planning on wearing said slacks in the next few days. I was just getting prepared for the next slack wearing occasion. I looked with lust upon the flawless crease, I sighed heavily at the perfect inseam, just kidding I am not even sure what that means.

The point here is that it was a Thursday night. For the past few years my motto was “Thursday is the new Saturday, let’s do something crazy.” (I am paraphrasing a bit, but I probably said something like that once or twice.)

What does this newfound Thursday night activity mean? Am I growing up?  Am I just a step away from “Murder She Wrote,” coupon clipping, early bird specials, comb overs, mispronounced new technology, and incontinence? I fear my gums are receding, AHH! These so called “Worry Free Pants,” were sending me into a quarter life crises.

I became determined to do something fun next Thursday evening. No Angela Lansbury for me, not on my watch. I even wrinkled up the pants I was ironing.*

I have learned in my time at Quincy that great times can be had but sometimes you have to be willing to get out there and make your own fun. The opportunity came sooner than I expected. I was walking to my car after Blues in the District, when I saw in a window a new business putting on its finishing touches. The business is a school of performing arts called Center Stage Music and one of the classes shown on the window was improv.

I love everything about improv, I love the spontaneity, the randomness, never knowing what to expect next. When visiting friends in Chicago one of my favorite things to do is to go to the IO Theater which boasts such alumni as Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Scott Adsit and Tim Meadows. I love the show “Whose Line is It Anyway.” I realized signing up for this class was a must.

I gathered a group of my friends and that following Thursday we attended our first improv class. I cannot stress how much fun the hour and a half class was, so I will try and improv it: The improv class was so much fun it heavily pet me into submission. (Give me a break I only had one class). We played a variety of different games from Freeze to Props. At the end of the class even the friends that I had to drag to the class could not wait for the next week.  Visions of grandeur filled all of our heads, next stop Saturday Night Live.

Center Stage Music is located at 132 North 5th Street. The school is run by Chenille Saunders and offers lessons in guitar, voice, theater, piano, trumpet, ballroom dancing, wind instruments and so much more. The next time you find yourself ironing slacks on a Thursday night, drop the pants and call Center Stage Music at (217)357-6683, and learn a new craft.

*After further thought I realized it would be silly to wrinkle perfectly good pants just to prove a point.

Jacob McGuire