“Super Fresh, now watch me jock. Jocking on them hater’s man, When I do that Soulja Boy, I lean to the left and crank that thang.”

These lyrics, on top of a very simple beat, kept an artist named Soulja Boy, now named Soulja Boy Tell ‘em, at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks. Yeah, the point being that just because music is commercially successful does not mean it is not crap.

Growing up with two sisters I was fortunate enough to be exposed to a cornucopia of NOW compact discs, which if listened to now would quickly eat away my soul. Considering my background, my friend Mike Thompson and I decided to have a contest to see who could make the worst possible five song play list. To select the worst list, we called upon local WGEM celeb, and music guru Mike Fay. The criteria for which playlist is the worst is all up to Mr. Fay. Last night Mike received both CD’s anonymously and as you can read here he is taking the job very seriously. http://finkleandfaybomb.blogspot.com/2010/12/judging-horrific-music.html

This idea was originally done by one of my favorite comedians Aziz Ansari. Here is a video of his contest.


To make this event our own, Mike and I decided to raise the stakes for the loser of the contest, the loser being the one who made the least crappy playlist. The loser of the contest must perform a six minute Shake Weight routine on the center of the QU campus during a passing period of classes. The routine will be done with the crappy playlists blasting.

They make a shake weight for men but all we have been able to locate is the women's version.

Fay will be done giving each play list equal listens and have the verdict out this Sunday. Stay tuned to the Local Q to find out the winner and watch the video of the shake weight routine. In the meantime you be the judge of which playlist is the worst.


Playlist A:

  1. Murry Head – “One Night In Bangkok”
  2. Lou Bega – “Mambo Number 5”
  3. Buster Poindexter – “Hot Hot Hot”
  4. Shaggy – “Wasn’t Me”
  5. Jlo Ft. Ja Rule – “I’m Real”

Playlist B:

  1. Aaron Carter – “Aaron’s Party”
  2. Nickleback – “Figured You Out”
  3. Cher – “Believe”
  4. Billy Ray Cyrus – “Achy Breaky Heart”
  5. DJ Pauly D – “Beat Dat Beat”

Jacob McGuire