No Sleep Records' artist to release EP Aug. 24
By JESSICA MARIE MARTIN Herald-Whig Staff Writer

Twins Johnathan “Mackamillion” and Jarred “Mr. Mackmore” Lindsay of Double Vision, who lived in Quincy when their music careers were getting started, are moving up the hip hop ladder since signing with California-based No Sleep Records in 2009.

Double Vision’s new EP “Bifocal” will be released Aug. 24 and has a mixture of R&B, ska, soul and hip hop.“There are two live tracks on the album, which include local artists, Alex ‘Big A’ Sanders, and Pete Magliocco from The Texas Funerals, Jarred Flora and Cheeks McGee,” Jonathan said. “We had a lot of fun with that, definitely a memorable experience.”

“Bifocal” consists of eight tracks that are reminiscent of Pharcyde and Outkast mixed with Gym Class Heroes. The single, “Skinny Jeans,” showcases Double Vision’s playful side, according to No Sleep Records.

The twin brothers have been rhyming since they were 7 years old. They were born in Venice, Calif, and lived throughout the Midwest and South. During their time at Quincy High School and Quincy University, they worked with area producer Bill Blast (Motion Plus) and formed Double Vision. In 2008 they recorded their first EP, “No Explanation.”

Recently, the duo picked up a new sponsor, the Refuse To Sink clothing line.

Double Vision is in the process of booking a couple of fall and winter shows in Macomb, St. Louis, Chicago and Quincy.For more information, go to


"Bifocal" track listing
1. D.I.Y. or Die (Anthem)
2. Walk On By (featuring Chuck Treece; produced by Stress)
3. For My
4. Skinny Jeans
5. Father’s Day (featuring Dale “Uncle Perk” Perkins)
6. Other Side (featuring Johanna Phraze)
7. Elevate
8. It’s You (CD Bonus Song)